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How it Works

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Find Music You Love

Stream or download the best tunes from genres you prefer and take part in our Chart Contests by sharing and voting for your favorites.

Use your Beamges (virtual credit) to vote in our chart contests and win prizes!

Allow your cash back to serve as a balance for more purchases or simply withdraw it.

Buy unique merchandise straight from artists via our platform and partners.

Grow your collection, your music library and enjoy a seamless way to shop and listen: One platform, many possibilities.

A New Way To Connect On A Global Or Local Level

Keep up with your favorites, meet new friends, look up gigs and share the awesomeness – All from one place.

Our online social interaction features opens new doors and creates opportunities.

Support Music Production And Be Part Of Positive Change To The Industry.

By supporting a musician you admire with donations, you create a platform for them to deliver their magic. The best part is that you can tailor your donation with a personal message. Who knows? It might even be the start of a friendship…

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You have collected 0 beamges while playing songs.
Writing's on The WallWriting's on The WallWriting's on The WallWriting's on The Wall
Sam Smith
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