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How it works

- for artists -

Upload your music audio and video and choose terms that work for you.

Control the price of your uploaded tracks and videos, allow for optional donations or share it at no cost.

An Easier Way To Get Yourself Heard

Enter free &exciting chart contests in your specific genre. You could win some awesome prizes, including valuable PR opportunities to boost your music sales. Get your music out there!

Boost Your Income - Sell your digital items and share your ambitions with fans to get small donations.

Place your merchandise up for direct purchase from your e-store.

Enable the Get Hired feature on our platform to gigs and performances.

Analyze your data and online performance for clear insight.

Setting up affiliate program to increase sales of your music

Your fans “marketers” can promote all your digital and physical items and earn commissions from it`s sales.

You just need to set up commission level in your dashboard, keep in touch with your “marketer” and start selling more.

An Effective Communication Tool

Let your fans follow you and connect with them.

Connect with other artists or professionals in the field.

Let managers know they can hire you.

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