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About us

We’re a progressive fully integrated social platform for entertainment and music with rewards. Beamge is here to unfold your streaming and sharing options to the max.

What Makes Beamge So Distinctive?

We are connecting freewheeling artists and fans as platform users. Fans can discover new artists and earn virtual credits like cash-back points from our music community just by listening and sharing music.

But that’s not all…Music lovers can support artists in their activities and take part in our music promos and competitions. This way you get to interact with your favourites and keep solid track of their musical developments...

It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Many emerging artists simply cannot break into the industry – no matter how awesome their productions are. It’s a cutthroat playing field out there and that is what we aim to change. Beamge is a great solution for newbies, as well as for well-known, but still independent musicians. We’re basically creating a place where your music does the work for you.

We’ve only recently launched our project; in the first half of 2018; as a London and Europe-based self-funded venture. Our sole mission is to provide growing artists with income alternatives in an online-music industry; and to provide fans with more entertainment and rewards through the discovery new music.

Beamge a team of music-mad nationalities (from Europe to the United States) and we like to dig in and get our hands dirty. We have combined all of our talents and mashed them together to get this ball rolling. So far, we’ve had one awesome journey, but the best is yet to come. To make a truly positive impact on the global music scene, we trust that you will love our platform as much as we do.

We believe that with an eager mind-set we can grow our user and artist base by keep attracting the finest talent and potential partners that could contribute in the expansion of our vision.

Thank you for all support so far.

May The Musical Force Be With You

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